Posted on Thursday August 04, 2016

imgpsh_fullsizeYou may have read that Bitfinex, One of the largest bitcoin exchange in the world has lost 119,756 bitcoins which are worth about US$65 million. Their multisignature storage was hacked by compromising 2 private keys. One of the keys was stored with Bitgo, the other one was held by one of the employees. It also […] read more

Bitcoin is not money, Miami judge says NO in dismissing laundering charges

Posted on Monday July 25, 2016

michellespinozaFlorida circuit-court judge Teresa Pooler ruled Monday that bitcoin is not money at all. And if you don’t have money, you can’t exactly launder it. Judge Teresa Pooler acknowledged that she could not explain what bitcoin is. “Nothing in our frame of references allows us to accurately define or describe Bitcoin,” she said. But she was […] read more

The Story of the World’s Worst Rogue Trader and What You Can Learn From It

Posted on Wednesday June 29, 2016

kerviel-societe-generale-plainte-1728x800_cA junior trader making $66,000 a year ended up costing one of Europe’s largest banks more than $7 billion. And the scary part is no one appears to have known what he was doing until it was almost too late. In 2008, Jerome Kerviel was a derivatives trader at Societe Generale  (SCGLY) , which is […] read more

Cybersecurity: We Need New Systems To Save The Banks

Posted on Monday June 20, 2016

Great article from “Leonhard Weese”, our good friend from Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong! Source: – While a great number of industries have rushed to digitally engage consumers, the financial sector has lagged behind. Online banking platforms are built on top of an infrastructure that is still heavily reliant on paper and human interaction, leaving […] read more

The whole team @SOYBIT is wishing a safe and fast return to Gatecoin and Aurélien

Posted on Wednesday June 15, 2016

gatecoin-logoWe know Gatecoin is very trustworthy and honest, It is a pleasure doing business with them, and we give them all our support. Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Gatecoin is turning to fundraising channels as a means to reimburse lost assets after around US$2 million (HK$15.5 million) worth of cryptocurrency was stolen during a cyberattack this May. The exchange is […] read more

Bitcoin certificates resume trading following Global Advisors acquisition of XBT Provider

Posted on Tuesday June 14, 2016

The XBT Provider instruments Bitcoin Tracker One (Ticker: COINXBT) and Bitcoin Tracker EUR (Ticker: COINXBE) resumed trading at 09.00 a.m. (CET) at Nasdaq Nordic in Stockholm. Nasdaq has approved Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited as the new guarantor of the ETC’s (Exchange Traded Certificates).The XBT Group has also, effective today, become a subsidiary of Global Advisors […] read more